A&W Chicken Fiesta

visual chicken fiesta-01.jpg

Coming to you this NOVEMBER 7, Our Chicken Fiesta promos are here to delight, satisfy and most of all - celebrate our love affair with fried chicken!

Set A: RM15.45
2pcs Chicken + 1 Fries (R) + 1 RB (R)

Set B: RM36.99
6pcs Chicken + 3 RB Float (R)

Set C: RM53.99
9pcs Chicken + 4 RB Float (R)

Add On:
Chicken Poppers - RM5.30
2L Pitcher - RM7.00

Ala Carte:
2pcs: RM10.25
6pcs: RM29.00
9pcs: RM45.00


Posted by ANW Malaysia.